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Folked-Up Flash Contest with The Molotov Cocktail. Second place winner for my story Wolves from the Sky.  March, 2022.

2020 Book Pipeline Unpublished with Book Pipeline. Finalist for my unpublished literary novel The Speed of Free FallOctober, 2020.


In Liz Fyne’s unpublished literary novel, The Speed of Free Fall, a man convinces himself the only way to recover from his wife’s accidental death is to free her spirit from a photograph. The novel was selected as a finalist in the Book Pipeline 2020 Unpublished Contest, a division of Pipeline Media Group

Short Fiction

Wolves from the Sky

Gift Shop at the OCME

Snow Girl Found

Duel King’s Last Stand

Headless Horseman


The Hating Cells

Twisted Sister

Bones in the Sand

I am the Wolf

Feminist Capitulation of Lizards

Superman Can Find Another Girl